We are ASME SA537CL.2, ASME SA537 Class 2 steel plate supplier

Gangsteel produce and export quenching and tempering pressure vessel ASME SA537CL.2 steel plates. We provide ASME SA537 Class 2 steel plate machined part and cutting service.

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Adopt standard: ASME SA537

SA537 Class 2 steel grade

Steel plate SA537 Class 2 is a quenched and tempered steel material.

SA537 Class 2 has more in tensile and yield in property comparing with SA537 CLASS 1 and SA537 Class 3.

SA537 CLASS 2 steel plate max thickness is 150mm according to standard of SA537/ SSA537 standard. But if customers more thickness above 150mm, our mill also could produce them. This is our advantage in manufacture.

Gangsteel supply SA537 Class 2 steel material in many years experience. From melting to ingot product, to rolling plate, we have specialized person tracking it for our customers to promise the delivery time and quality in time.

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About SA537Class 2 detail information´╝îplease check technical date in following.

The Chemical is max composition of product analysis:

C % Si % Mn % P % S % Cu % Ni % Cr % Mo %
0.240 0.13-0.55 0.64-1.46 0.035 0.035 0.380 0.280 0.290 0.090

The mechanical properties at ambient temperature for quenched and tempered steel plate

Thickness(mm) Min Yield (Mpa) Tensile(MPa) Elongation(%)
8mm-65mm Min 415Mpa 550-690Mpa 22%
66mm-100mm Min 380Mpa 515-655Mpa 22%
101mm-150mm Min 315Mpa 485-620Mpa 20%

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ASME SA537CL.2, ASME SA537 Class 2 steel plate supplier