HENAN GANG IRON AND STEEL CO.,LTD (Gangsteel)established at 2001 which had min 11 years of exporting experience and production at steel plate stainless steel plate.
Gangsteel is specialized in super thickness steel plate and super thickness stainless steel plate at China origin. Gangsteel had many large factories with Strategic partnership. For example. TISCO, WISCO, BAOSTEEL, HBIS WUYANG MILL AND SO ON.



  1. Our production Equipment introduction 3500MM Steckel Mill

Walking-beam reheating furnace, high pressure descales, coiling furnace, edger, four-high reversing mill, ACC, coiling machine, hot leveler, disc-type cooling bed, on-line UT defect inspection device, cold leveler, shot blaster etc. Annual Production Capacity-steel plates:960,000 tons, steel coils:240,000 tons 。

3500production capacity and scope

1) Hot rolled steel plates :

Thickness :4.5 ~50 mm

Width:910 ~3,100 mm

Length:3,000 ~18,000 mm

Piece weight:max. 22.6 t

2) Hot rolled steel coil :

Thickness:4.5  ~25 mm

Width:1,600 ~3,000 mm

Piece weight:max. 45 t

Inner/Outer diameter:762 ~2,150 mm


  1. Equipment introduction-4300 Heavy Plate Mill

1)Four-high reversing mill:Maximum aperture1200mm,Maximum rolling force 90000KN

2)Edger mill:aperture of rolling mill 1000~4500mm,maximum rolling force 7000KN,maximum thickness 1000mm

3)Four-high reversing mill:width of rolling mill 4300mm,maximum aperture 450mm,maximum rolling force 90000KN

4)DQ+ACC:Available thickness 300mm,Dq total water flow 6080m3/h,ACC total water flow 11200m3/h

5)9 edger full hydraulic leveler: temperature 750-1100℃,maximum  strength 33000KN,maximum aperture 400mm

6)Flattening mill:Nominal pressure rating 50MN,returning force1.6MN,system working pressure:28.3MPA, press stroke 700mm

Thickness :8 ~500 mm

Width:910 ~4100 mm

Length:3,000 ~18,000 mm

Piece weight:max. 65.6 t


  1. Gangsteel steel plate. Adopt standards and steel plate grade and product range.
pressure vessels steel plates Low alloy pressure steel plate GB 713 Q245R、Q345R、Q370R、Q420R


EN 10028-3 P275、P355、P460
ASTM A285、A299、A515、A537Class 1
ASME SA285、SA299、SA515、SA516、SA537Cl.1
Medium temperature hydrogen container steel plate GB 713 15CrMoR、14Cr1MoR、12Cr2Mo1R、12Cr2Mo1VR


EN 10028-2 13CrMo4-5、10CrMo9-10、X12CrMo5、13CrMoV9-10
ASTM A387Gr2(Gr11、Gr12、Gr21、Gr22、Gr5、Gr9)
ASME SA387Gr2(Gr11、Gr12、Gr21、Gr22、Gr5、Gr9)
Quenched and tempered high-strength container steel plate GB 19189 07MnMoVR、07MnNiVDR、07MnNiMoDR 6~150×1600~4100×L
EN 10028-6 P355、P460、P500、P690(Q\QH\QL1\QL2)
ASTM A517、A533、A537、A542、A543、A736
ASME SA517、SA533、SA537、SA542、SA543、SA736
Low temperature container steel plate GB 3531 09MnNiDR、15MnNiNbDR、08Ni3DR、06Ni9DR 6~150×1600~4100×L
EN 10028-4 13MnNi6-3、15MnNi6、12Ni14、X12Ni5、X8Ni9、X7Ni9
ASTM A203、A353、A516、A553、A612、A662、A735
ASME SA203、SA353、SA516、SA553、SA612、SA662、SA735
Energy Steel Hydropower steel plate Technical agreement XCS610D/E、XCS690D/E、XCS790D/E 8~350×1600~4100×L
GB/T 1591+ Q345DZ35、Q500DZ35
EN 10025 S500Q、S550Q、S690Q
EN 10028 P500Q、P690Q
Boiler steel plate (thermal power) GB 713 13MnNiMoR、18MnMoNbR、12Cr1MoVR 6~250×1600~4100×L
DIN 17155 19Mn6、15Mo3
EN 10028-2 16Mo3、18MnMo4-5
Nuclear power steel plate 20HR、16MnHR 4.5~200×1600~4100×L
EN 10028+ P265GH
Wind power steel plate GB/T 28410 Q235FTD~Q420FTD、Q235FTE~Q420FTE 6~250×1600~4100×L
GB/T 1591+ Q345DZ35、Q345EZ35
EN 10025+ S355J0、S355J2、S355K2、S355NL
Large crude oil storage tank steel plate GB 19189 12MnNiVR 6~50×1600~4100×L
EN S355
ASTM A 537Cl.2
JIS G3115 SPV490Q
Shipboard and marine engineering steel General strength ship plate Classification Society A、B、D、E 4.5~80×1600~4100×L
High-strength ship board Classification Society AH32~40、DH32~40、EH32~40、FH32~40 5~80×1600~4100×L
Steel plate for marine engineering NINE Classification Society AQ43~70、DQ43~70、EQ43~70,A420~A690、A420~A690、E420~E690 6~100×1600~4100×L
API series steel plate API 2W\2H\2Y API2H-42、50、API2W-50、60、API2Y-50、60 6~100×1600~4100×L
Rack steel plate ABS/DNV/CCS A514GrQ Mod、A517GrQ Mod 6~155×1600~4100×L
Pipeline steel Pipeline steel plate GB/T 21237 L245~L360、L390、L415、L450、L485、L555 6~40×1600~3800×L
API 5L Gr.B~X56、X60、X65、X70、X80、X90、X100 6~40×1600~3800×L
Submarine pipeline steel plate DNV DNV 450SF、DNV 485 6~42×1600~3800×L
API 5L X60MO、X65MO、X70MO 6~42×1600~3800×L
Acid-resistant pipeline steel plate GB/T 21237 L245NS、L360MS、L415MS、L450MS、L485MS 6~40×1600~3800×L
API 5L L360MS、L415MS、L450MS、L485MS、GR.BNS、GR.BMS 6~40×1600~3800×L
Large deformation resistant steel plate SPECIAL AGREEMENT X70HD、X80HD 10~27×1600~3800×L
Steel for construction machinery Wear-resistant steel plate GB/T 24186 NM360、NM400、NM450、NM500、NM550、NM600 4.5~150×1600~4100×L
High-strength steel plate GB/T 16270 Q500、Q550、Q620、Q690 4.5~250×1600~4100×L
EN 10137 S460Q、S500Q、S550Q、S690Q、S960Q
ASTM A514、A710
技术协议 XCHT1100
Carbon and low alloy structural steel High quality carbon structural steel plate GB/T 700 Q235、Q275 4.5~610×1600~4100×L
GB/T 711 10~55、20Mn~65Mn
EN 10025-2 S235、S275
ASTM A 283
JIS G3101 SS400、SS490、SS540
Low alloy structural steel plate GB/T 1591 Q345、Q390、Q420、Q460、Q500、Q550、Q620、Q690 4.5~610×1600~4100×L
EN 10025 S355、S420、S460、S500、S550、S690、S960
EN 10113 S275~S460M(N、NL)
ASTM A36、A529
JIS G3106 SM400、SM490、SM520、SM570
Engineering structural steel Steel plate for building structure GB/T 19879 Q345GJ、Q390GJ、Q420GJ、Q460GJ 4.5~250×1600~4100×L
JIS G3136 SN400、SN490
ASTM A572、A573、A633
Steel plate for bridge GB/T 714 Q345q、Q370q、Q420q、Q500q 4.5~250×1600~4100×L
JIS G3106+协议 SM490、SM520、SM570
Die steel plate Carbon die steel plate GB/T 711 35、45、50、55 6~200×1600~4100×L
EN 10083-2 C45、C45E、C50、C50E
ASTM A830 SAE1045、SAE1040、SAE1035、SAE1050
JIS G4051 S35C、S45C、S48C、S50C、S53C、S55C
Alloy die steel plate GB/T 1299 3Cr2Mo、3Cr2MnNiMo 8~230×1600-~4100×L
ASTM A681 P20、718
DIN 17350 1.2311、1.2312、1.2738
ISO 4957 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4
Alloy structural steel Alloy structural steel plate GB/T 3077 20MnTiB、12CrMo、15CrMo、35CrMo、12Cr1MoV 4.5~250×1600~4100×L
JIS G4053 SCM435、SCM440
EN 10083-3 42CrMo4
ASTM A829 SAE4140、SAE4130、SAE4142、SAE4340
Saw blade and spring steel plate 50Mn2V、65Mn、51CrV4 4.5~30×1600~4100×L
Weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant and fire-resistant steel Steel plate for atmospheric corrosion resistance GB/T 4171 Q235NH、Q295NH、Q355NH、Q460NH、Q550NH 4.5~150×1600~4100×L
EN 10025 S355J0WP、S355J2WP
ASTM A242、A588、A871
Corrosion resistant steel plate 09CrCuSb、NS1-1、NS1-2、NS1-3 4.5~40×1600~4100×L
Refractory steel plate XC400-FR、XC490-FR 4.5~50×1600~4100×L


Stainless steel plate

  ASTM A240 /ASME SA240 SS316, SS316L, SS316LN, SS316N, SS316TI, SS316CB,SS304, SS304L, SS304H, SS304LN, SS304N, SS305, SS309S, SS309H, SS309Cb, SS310S, SS310H, SS310Cb, SS317, SS317L, SS317LN, SS321, SS321H,SS347, SS347H, SS348 and Stainless Standard ASTM, ASME, JIS, DIN, UNS, GB and Other Special Standard. 8MM to 300mm


(1) The delivery state of steel plate products includes hot rolling (AR), controlled rolling (CR), normalizing rolling (NR), thermomechanical rolling (TMCP), normalizing (N), tempering (N),

Normalizing + tempering (N+T), quenching + tempering (Q+T).


(2) The delivery status of hot-rolled steel coil products includes hot rolling (AR), controlled rolling (CR), and thermomechanical rolling (TMCP), with specifications ranging from 4.5 to 20mm×1600 to 3000mm×L.


2507 2304 2205 904L 444 430
410S 410 347H 347 329 321H
321 317LN 317L 317 316Ti 316N
316LN 316L 316H 316 310S 309S
309H 304N 304LN 304L 304H 304
2507 2304 2205 904L 444 430
410S 410 347H 347 329 321H
321 317LN 317L 317 316Ti 316N
316LN 316L 316H 316 310S 309S
309H 304N 304LN 304L 304H 304
JIS G4304
329J1 444 430 301 631 630
420J2 420J1 410S 410 347 321
317LN 317L 317 316Ti 316N 316LN
316L 316 310S 309S 304LN 304L
304J2 304J1 202 201    
JIS G4305
631 630 444 430 420J2 420J1
410S 410 347 329J1 321 317LN
317L 317 316Ti 316N 316LN 316L
316 310S 309S 304LN 304L 304J2
304J1 301 202 201    
(S)A240 UNS
S31803 S32750 S32304 S32205 N08904 S44400
S43000 S41008 S41000 S34709 S34700 S32900
S32109 S32100 S31753 S31703 S31700 S31635
S31651 S31653 S31603 S31609 S31600 S31008
S30908 S30909 S30451 S30453 S30403 S30409
  1. (Henan Gang Iron And Steel co.,Ltd) The short name is Gangsteel which is a large exporter of mainly large factories in China. We mainly sell carbon steel plates and stainless steel plates. We have a stock steel plate and stainless steel plate warehouse and processing equipment for steel material.

    Shipbuilding steel plate
    Low alloy high strength steel plate
    Boiler and pressure steel plate
    Carbon steel plate
    High Strength steel plate
    Pipe Line steel plate
    Stainless steel plate
    Weathering steel plate
    Alloy steel plate
    Main Specification

    Thick: 4-700mm, Width: 1500-4020mm, Length 3000-27000mm

    ABS, DNV, BV, LR, GL, CSS, KR, NK,RINA, TUV, CE, ISO, and so on.