Low alloy structural steel plate

Low alloy Manufacture and

Steel : A537, A572, ST52-3, SM490, SM570/520, A573, EN10025-3, EN10025-2, EN10025-3, EN10025-3, EN10025-3, EN10025-3,ASTM A514, ASTM A283, ASTM A572, ASTM A36

Low alloy structural steel plate Grade and standard.

Standard Steel Grade
ASTM A36/A36M A36
ASTM A283/A283M A283 Grade A A283 Grade B A283 Grade C A283 Grade D
ASTM A514/A514M A514 Grade A A514 Grade B A514 Grade C A514 Grade E
A514 Grade F A514 Grade H A514 Grade J A514 Grade K
A514 Grade M A514 Grade P A514 Grade Q A514 Grade R
A514 Grade S A514 Grade T
ASTM A572/A572M A572 Grade 42 A572 Grade 50 A572 Grade 55 A572 Grade 60
A572 Grade 65
ASTM A573/A573M A573 Grade 58 A573 Grade 65 A573 Grade 70
ASTM A588/A588M A588 Grade A A588 Grade C A588 Grade K A588 Grade B
ASTM A633/A633M A633 Grade A A633 Grade C A633 Grade D A633 Grade E
ASTM A656/A656M A656 Grade 50 A656 Grade 60 A656 Grade 70 A656 Grade 80
ASTM A709/A709M A709 Grade 36 A709 Grade 50 A709 Grade 50S A709 Grade 50W
A709 Grade HPS50W A709Grade HPS70W A709 Grade 100 A709 Grade 100W
A709 Grade HPS100W
EN10025-2 S235JR S235J0 S235J2 S275JR
S275J0 S275J2 S355JR S355J0
S355K2 S420J0
EN10025-3 S275N S275NL S355N S355NL
S420N S420NL S460N S460NL
EN10025-4 S275M S275ML S355M S420ML
S355ML S460M S420M S460ML
EN10025-6 S460Q S460QL S460QL1 S500Q
S500QL S500QL1 S550QL
S550QL1 S620Q S620QL1
S690Q S890Q
S890QL S890QL1 S960Q S960QL
JIS G3101 SS330 SS400 SS490 SS540
JIS G3106 SM400A SM400B SM400C SM490A
SM490B SM490C SM490YA SM490YB
SM520B SM520C SM570
DIN 17100 St37-2 USt37-2 RSt37-2 St37-3
DIN 17102 StE255 WStE255 TStE255 EStE255
StE285 WStE285 TStE285 EStE285
StE315 WStE315 TStE315 EStE315
StE355 WStE355 TStE355 EStE355
StE380 WStE380 TStE380 EStE380
StE420 WStE420 TStE420 EStE420
StE460 WStE460 TStE460 EStE460
StE500 WStE500 TStE500 EStE500
GB/T700 Q235A Q235B Q235C Q235D
GB/T1591 Q355A Q355B Q355C Q355D
Q355E Q390A Q390B Q390C
Q390D Q390E Q420A Q420B
Q420C Q420D Q420E Q460C
Q460D Q460E
GB/T16270 Q460C Q460D Q460E Q460F
Q500C Q500D Q500E Q500F
Q550C Q550D Q550E Q550F
Q620C Q620D Q620E Q620F
Q690C Q690D Q690E Q690F
Q800C Q800D Q800E Q800F
Q890C Q890D Q890E Q890F
Q960C Q960D Q960E Q960F

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