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Explore the robust and versatile EN10025-6 S500QL 1.8909 steel, a preferred choice for construction and mining machinery. This high-strength, quenched and tempered steel is renowned for its durability and performance. Learn more about its applications, equivalent grades, and mechanical properties.


1. Comprehensive Overview of EN10025-6 S500QL 1.8909 Steel

  • Key Features: Emphasizing the high-strength qualities of EN10025-6 S500QL 1.8909 steel, known for its exceptional durability and resistance in demanding environments.
  • Applications: Highlighting its widespread use in construction machinery, mining equipment, and other heavy-duty applications.


What is EN 10025-6 S500QL Equal Grade.

Equivalent steel grade of S500QL CHINA Grade Q500E





FeE 500 V KT

TStE 500 V

E 500T


What is EN 10025-6 S500Q mechanical properties?
EN10025-6 S500Q quenched and tempered steel plate mechanical properties



Min Yield (Mpa)

Tensile (MPa)

Elongation (%)

Min Impact Energy

EN10025-6 S500QL


Min 500Mpa




Min 30J


Min 480Mpa




Min 30J


Min 440Mpa




Min 30J


What is application of EN10025-6 S500QL?
Used in buildings, bridges, ships, vehicles, pressure vessels and other structures, the carbon content (melting analysis) is generally not more than 0.20%, the total content of alloying elements is generally not more than 2.5%, the yield strength is not less than 295MPa, and it has good impact toughness
And low alloy steel with welding function.

What is EN 10025-6 S500QL chemical?

a table presenting the chemical composition of EN 10025-6 S500QL steel. This high-strength structural steel is known for its particular chemical makeup which contributes to its durability and performance:

Element Percentage (%)
Carbon (C) ≤0.20
Silicon (Si) ≤0.80
Manganese (Mn) ≤1.70
Phosphorus (P) ≤0.015
Sulphur (S) ≤0.010
Nitrogen (N) ≤0.015
Boron (B) ≤0.0050
Chromium (Cr) ≤1.50
Copper (Cu) ≤0.50
Molybdenum (Mo) ≤0.70
Niobium (Nb) ≤0.06
Nickel (Ni) ≤2.00
Titanium (Ti) ≤0.05
Vanadium (V) ≤0.12
Zirconium (Zr) ≤0.15
Aluminum (Al) Minimum 0.015%


  1. Grain Refinement Elements: At least 0.015% of grain refinement elements should be present, with Aluminum being one of these elements.
  2. Soluble Aluminum: The minimum content of soluble aluminum should be 0.015%. If the aluminum content reaches a minimum of 0.018%, the value is considered to be achieved.
  3. Specific Adjustments: Depending on the product thickness and manufacturing conditions, the manufacturer may add one or several alloying elements to the steel to enhance certain properties.



This composition provides EN 10025-6 S500QL steel with its high yield strength and toughness, making it ideal for use in environments requiring durability and strength, such as construction machinery and mining equipment.

2. Expert Manufacturing by Gangsteel

  • Advanced Production Techniques: Detailing Gangsteel’s state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that ensure the highest quality and precision in steel production.
  • Quality Assurance: Discussing the rigorous testing and quality control measures, ensuring each product meets global standards.

3. Mechanical Properties and Chemical Composition

  • Mechanical Strength: Outlining the impressive tensile strength and yield parameters that make this steel suitable for high-load applications.
  • Chemical Makeup: A detailed look at the balanced composition, contributing to its toughness and weldability.

4. Comparison with Other Steel Grades

  • Global Standards: Providing insights into equivalent steel grades like China’s Grade Q500E and European counterparts, enhancing understanding for international clients.
  • Versatility Across Industries: Discussing the adaptability of EN10025-6 S500QL 1.8909 steel in various industrial applications.

5. Specialized Applications in Heavy Machinery

  • Custom Solutions for Construction and Mining Machinery: Illustrating how this steel is an ideal choice for hydraulic supports, crane arms, and other critical components.

6. Contact Information and Customer Service

  • Reach Out to Gangsteel: Offering easy ways to contact Gangsteel for orders or inquiries, emphasizing their commitment to customer satisfaction.


The EN10025-6 S500QL 1.8909 steel stands as a testament to innovation in high-strength steel manufacturing. Its unmatched durability and adaptability make it the go-to choice for demanding industrial applications. Contact Gangsteel today to explore how this steel can elevate your project’s standards.

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