We are ASME SA537CL.1, ASME SA537 Class 1 steel plate supplier

Gangsteel produce and export normalized pressure vessel ASME SA537CL.1 steel plates. We provide ASME SA537 Class 1 steel plate machined part and cutting service.

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Adopt standard: ASME SA537

SA537 Class 1 steel plate is heat treated, Carbon- Manganese- Silicon Pressure Vessel plates.

The maximum thickness of plates furnished under100mm according to SA537 standard. But if you need larger thickness in SA537 Class 1, our mill also has a ability to produce for you because width and thickness plate are our advantage.

SA537 Class 1 steel plates shall be normalized in all of thickness. SA537 steel material usual be serviced the Gas, Petrochemical and Oil industry. If you need more yield and tensile grade, you could choose steel grade SA537 Class 2.

Gangsteel supply SA537 Class 1 plates directly from our mill in the competitive price from sales department. Each plate has the Mill Certificate Test EN 10204 3.1 or 3.2.

About SA537 Class 1 detail information,please check technical date in following.

The Chemical is max composition of product analysis:

C % Si % Mn % P % S % Cu % Ni %
0.240 0.13-0.55 0.64-1.46 0.035 0.035 0.380 0.280

ASME SA537CL.1 mechanical properties at ambient temperature for quenched and tempered steel plate

Thickness(mm) Min Yield (Mpa) Tensile(MPa) Elongation (%)
8mm-65mm Min 345Mpa 485-620Mpa 22%
66mm-100mm Min 310Mpa 450-585Mpa 22%
101mm-150mm A A A

Our mill SA537 Class 1 always be exported to Jordan and the middle east city for tank and vessel.

For more information in quality certificate or inquiry in competitive official quotation, please contact us.

ASME SA537CL.1, ASME SA537 Class 1 steel plate supplier
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