Plate Weight

I would by no actually recommend deviating from 17.5″ / 450 mm plates, and if you already have measurement plates that’s even more cause to maintain around. If these plates are new at .70 a pound, they most likely aren’t going to go the gap anyway.

I’m truly tempted to try it on some crappy plates simply to see where one of the best place to do that would be as to not compromise the plate. If you attempt it, do not forget that these plates are iron and not , and forged iron is brittle by comparability. I suppose that is most likely solely a good idea if the burden is barely off – I think taking a pound or extra out of a plate would end in some pretty massive and/or quite a few holes.


Precision forged iron plates that are calibrated to within .25% of acknowledged weight. They are IPF-approved, ugly as sin, and bought in both pairs and sets.

Sold in pairs and a 245-pound set. These cast iron plates are replicas of York’s authentic Olympic Standard Plate. They are milled to within 2% of indicated weight, and are bought individually. Expect a 2% accuracy with machined plates. Here are some brand and pricing examples.

Has gray enamel end, no accuracy guarantee, and bought individually. Basic cast iron plates with milled edges and gray enamel.

Basic forged iron sold in pairs or units. Best internet worth for plates with any accuracy assure. When it involves coated plates, there are really nice choices and shitty options.

Vulcan Quad Grip Rubber Coated Plates

However, change plate costs are much more costly in their machined counterparts. The 2.5lb and 5lb machined plates from rogue are MORE than the of the forged iron plates, and the 10lb machined plates are exactly double the cost. I needed plenty of plates and I couldn’t justify that .

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