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Gangsteel supply en10025-6 s620ql en 10025-6 s690ql high strength steel plate 5mm to 200mm. We also provide the cutting service. If you require for S620QL steel plate, Please contact us to get quotation.
EN 10025-6 steel grade specification is a high yield strength structural steels in the quenched and tempered condition steel plate grade in S500QL, S500QL1, S460Q, S460QL, S460QL1, S620QL1, S550Q, S550QL, S550QL1, S500Q, S890QL1, S960Q, S960QL, S620Q, S620QL, S690Q, S690QL, , and S890QL steel plate grade.

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The paper additionally presents discussion on the valid standards and recommendations related to welding of these steels, from the aspect of purposes in design of metal welded constructions. It is recommended that the plates must be cleaned rigorously after printing. These are the plates which are made preserving in mind each the commercial, national and worldwide standards.

Great Lakes steel production fell by 15,000 tons last week – nwitimes.com

Great Lakes steel production fell by 15,000 tons last week.

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Great Offers on Alloy Quenched Tempered Steel EN10025 S690QL Plate with best Price Distributor of S690Ql Plates. Henan East is an expert worldwide company focusing on the analysis, development, , service and integrated EN10025-6 S620QL Supplier of steel products. Its main business covers the production of metal products, deep processing of steel products, customization of metal structure, and export of merchandise.

Gangsteel produce high strength steel plate.S620 steel plate is a quenched and tempered high-strength steel plate. The series grades are S620Q, S620QL, and S620QL1. It is a low-carbon non-alloy structural steel plate of European standard EN10025-6.
Domestic Wuyang Iron and Steel Company can produce it.
In order to ensure its performance, this type of steel plate has a carbon content below 0.2%.

The supplies tends to kind martensite when cooling fee is excessive. However, the chilly working operation is most well-liked probably the most to strengthen plates with none embrittlement and corrosion. They are uncovered to bigger temperatures to understand bigger service in lowering zones. After manufacturing, these plates are processed for ending operation the place uneven surfaces are eliminated by the economic ending process. DragonPlate carbon fiber laminates are pre-minimize to the required or slightly oversized.

High power steels belong into a bunch of high quality steels, with distinctive mechanical properties, especially with regard to tensile energy. At the identical time, as their deficiency is emphasised the limited and tough weldability. In different phrases, a few of those steels are weldable solely with software of particular measures associated to controlled heat enter. In that method, the favorable mechanical properties can be stored within the heat affected zone, with situation that the optimal welding know-how is chosen. Existing, very scarce and often unclear and insufficient recommendations for number of the optimal welding technology are one of many causes of large number of flaws in welded joints. Mentioned issues, as well as others, could be successfully solved by correct number of the procedure, filler steel and technology of welding, verified by experiments conducted in laboratory or in real operating situations.

Fitch Ratings 2021 Outlook: China Steel – Fitch Ratings

Fitch Ratings 2021 Outlook: China Steel.

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The axle-shaft was successfully repaired and the spinner was able to working. The downtime was considerably decreased and the costs of procuring/manufacturing the brand new half averted. The reparation procedure was carried out in personal plant what supplied for vital techno-financial benefits. The thickness of theDSQ platesranges from, 2.84mm, 3.18, three.94, 4.70mm, the plate is alleged to be very suitable for flexo ink that’s primarily based on alcohol and water. You can simply use a solvent that incorporates a limited amount of lively solvents. These plates should be stored underneath the room temperature that is 5-25°C and humidity of 55%.

Gangsteel had about stocklist 3000tons at S620Q, S620QL, S620QL1 steel plates, where S means structural steel, and Q means that the impact temperature of the steel plate is -20°C,Then QL means that the impact temperature of the steel plate is -50°C. Then guess what QL1 represents. QL1 means that the impact temperature of the steel plate is -60°C. 620 means that the thickness of the steel plate is £50mm. The minimum yield strength value is specified.

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These sheets are additionally obtainable with stiffer high modulus fibers and excessive temperature epoxy. The general issues associated to electrical resistance brazing of varied metals had been thought-about on this paper. In brazing totally different electrodes and technological parameters are used. For experimental functions, electrodes have been made of extremely alloyed tungsten steel and of copper with graphite and tungsten inserts, so the symmetrical temperature subject was obtained.

  • For effectivity of the analysis of the outcomes, base supplies values are also included in the figures.
  • Since the steel S690QL belongs to a bunch of steels with good mechanical properties, the aim of this paper is to seek out out the temperatures at which these good characteristics are saved.
  • It is a low carbon non alloy structural steel plate with European commonplace en .
  • We current the experimental-numerical evaluation of the influence of temperature on mechanical properties of structural high-energy metal class S690QL.
  • In Figure 6, each yield and supreme tensile power are given so that the stable bar represents yield power and the clear bar represents ultimate tensile strength.

Most thicknesses additionally provide a choice of face sheet materials on completed facet. Weldability represents a really complex property of a fabric that reveals its capacity to type a welded joint of certain characteristics, by application of the sufficient welding process. The process of weldability estimate, based on the transformation diagrams of steady cooling (CCT-diagrams) and the measured temperature cycles, is introduced in this paper. The objective was to determine the weldability to be able to define the optimal hard-going through know-how of the thermo stable steels. The temperature cycles were measured and then the obtained values for the important cooling time t8/5 had been entered into the CCT diagrams to estimate the hardness and microstructure of the welded joint’s zones. Experiments have been conducted on the multi-layered exhausting-confronted samples manufactured from the metal for manufacturing of the forging dies.

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The steel specified in this standard can be used for the production of hot-rolled plates with steel grades S460, S500, S550, S620, S690, S890, and S960 series steel plates with a minimum nominal thickness of 3mm and a maximum nominal thickness of ≤150mm. After quenching and tempering
The specified minimum yield strength of steel is 460MPa1) to 960 MPa1) If you have any requirement, please contact gangsteel.

They are additionally made obtainable to the people available in the market main price. These are the plates that fulfill the quality demand that’s not met by the opposite plates.

EN10025-6 Steel grades and varieties
The standard specifies 7 steel grades, and they have different yield strengths under ambient temperature conditions. When required, all supplied steel grades from the following varieties shall be specified.
The minimum value specified for impact energy when the temperature is not lower than -20°C (no mark). When the temperature is not lower than -50℃, the specified minimum value of impact energy is represented by L.
(Except for S960) The minimum specified impact energy when the temperature is not lower than -60℃ is represented by L1. In quenching and tempering delivery conditions (Q) and grade L: steel EN 10025-6-S460QL; or steel EN10025-6-1.8906.
Delivery conditions of S620Q, S620QL, S620QL1 steel plate
Quenching + tempering (Q).
Note: Quenching and then tempering directly after hot rolling is considered equivalent to conventional quenching and tempering
Impact performance of S620Q, S620QL, S620QL1 steel plate
S620Q is at -20°C; S620QL is at -50°C; S620QL1 is at -60°C.
What is en10025-6 s620ql property?

Mechanical Properties




Tensile Strength

Charpy V Notch Impact Test


Min Value



Min Mpa


Min %
















Note: Impact energy for impact test is on longitudinal

Description by Manufacturer
Sell: S690Q, S690QL, S690QL1, S890Q, S890QL, S890QL1, S960Q, S960QL, S620Q, S620QL, S620QL1, S550Q, S550QL, S550QL1, S500Q, S500QL, S500QL1, S460Q, S460QL, S460QL1, Steel plate, EN 10025-4

What is EN10025-6 S620QL Carbon Equivalent: CEV?

Thickness, mm

Max CEV based on the ladle analysis







Gangsteel production information:
1. Steel Grade : S690Q, S690QL, S690QL1, S890Q, S890QL, S890QL1, S960Q, S960QL, S620Q, S620QL, S620QL1, S550Q, S550QL, S550QL1, S500Q, S500QL, S500QL1, S460Q, S460QL, S460QL1.

2. Dimension(T*W*L) : Thickness: 6mm to 300mm ; Width: 1500mm to 4020mm ; Length: 4000mm to 18000mm

3. Adopt Standard: EN 10025-6.

4. Heat Treatment:
Hot Rolled, CR, , Quenched, Tempering, TMCP, Electroslag Remelting Technical.

5. Steel Services: Cutting, Painting, Ball blast, Pretreatment and the Third party in in DNV, BV, LR, GL, ABS and CCS in super thick ship steel plate

6. Payment Item: 30% TT, or LC and TT

7. Trade Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF

8. Delivery Time: 30-40days


What is EN10025-6 S620QL steel sheet Chemical Composition?

Chemical Composition


The Element Max (%)






























They are examined at every stage of producing in order that the best product can be produced. Full certification of the product is finished so that customer satisfaction may be achieved. Weldox is a high strength structural metal with excellent toughness for a mess of load carrying buildings and different purposes. Leading options are uniform properties, straightforward to weld and attainable to bend real tight. S355 structural grade carries minimum yield strength of 355 N/mm²m, the JR designation confirms that the hyperlink for you steel has undergone longitudinal Chary V-Notch impact testing at 27J at room temperature. Also, the extra coat is added on the plates to guard any exterior damages. The softening was removed inside the warmth affected zone after the solution heat therapy and aging treatment.

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