nm500 steel vs ar500 steel

China Abrasion Resistant Plate Nm400 Nm500 Wear Plates

I bought these for my residence protection/range gear/car travel safety in harsh circumstances. These plates are correctly made, precisely the product they say. I bought two curved plates with build-up, and they’re exactly as described and slot in every plate provider I personal.

AR500 has top-notch customer service (thanks to Holly) and intensely high-quality plates and design. They took a pair of months to get, but nicely well worth the wait! They upgraded mine to Line-X, although I ordered earlier than it was even provided.

Is ar500 steel suitable for knives?

Not trying to be a pedant here, but ar500 is not an alloy of steel. It’s a grade of steel, and alloying components can vary wildly. That being said, all the variant spec sheets I’ve seen for ar500 would make it unsuitable for a good knife, as you said. Might make a decent ax though :D.

They look superior, work superior, really feel fantastic, and last forever. I discovered AR500 from FB advertisements and needed to check it out. Before I knew it, I was hooking myself up with this fantastic deal. (Posted on 10/1/2013) Review from joe s.Review by joe s.

  • I purchased two curved plates with build-up, and they’re exactly as described and slot in each plate carrier I own.
  • I bought these for my residence protection/vary gear/automobile journey protection in austere situations.
  • For the worth in addition to customer support and quick supply, you can not beat their firm.
  • These plates are well made, exactly the product they are saying.

The distinction between an abrasion-resistant metal plate and an odd metal plate is critical, yet the variations between AR500, AR450, and AR400 are more subtle. In this article, the manufacturing of the abrasion-resistant steel plate is described, and the differences between hardness ranges are studied. AR500 is a “via-hardened,” abrasion-resistant, alloy put on the plate.


Gangsteel had many sizes for Nm500 Nm450 Nm400 steel plates, our thickness 8mm to 50mm, width  2000mm to 2500mm. If you have any other requirements, please feel free to contact us.

I did a ton of research and decided on these because it’ll last more. It matches perfectly into my carrier, and the shooters reduce the room to shoulder my inventory without any issues.

I hope I by no means have to use these. However, I know now that we’re as protected as we can be, only in case. For when ounces are pounds and mobility is everything AR500 Armor® Level III Polyethylene Body Armor weighs in at a mere three .3lb’s per plate in our 10″ x 12″ usual shooters reduce. Carbon is added in the course of the formation of a steel plate, which considerably increases hardness and toughness; however, it reduces energy. Hence, the AR plate is employed in circumstances where put on and tear and abrasions are the primary causes of failure. The AR plate is not perfect for structural building purposes, like help beams in buildings or bridges.

(Posted on 3/15/2015) Review from Joel H.Review by Joel H. (Posted on three/17/2015) Review from John E.Review by John E.

China Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate Ar400 Ar500 Nm400 Nm500 Wear Plates
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