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Gangsteel sell ASTM A516 Grade 65|ASTM A516GR.65 steel plate. A516GR65 is carbon pressure vessel steel grade. ASTM A516 GR.65 steel plates stock supplier

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Steel Category: Boiler & pressure vessel steel plate

Adopt standard:  A516 ASTM

Sell steel grade: A516 Grade 55 steel grade, A516 Grade 60 steel grade, A516 Grade 65 steel grade, A516 Grade 70 steel grade

A516 Grade 65 steel plate

A516 Grade 65 steel is a carbon pressure vessel steel grade for moderate and lower temperature service for a variety of applications in the Petrochemical, Chemical, Oil & Gas Industries

A516 Grade 65 usual request normalized if thickness above 40mm, if not, Gangsteel usual delivery in hot rolled or control rolled station. A 516 Gr.65+N or A516gr65N mean that steel grade must be normalized in any thickness.

Compare with the A 516 Grade 70, the A 516 Grade 65 steel grade have lower property in tensile and yield strength. Gangsteel also supply the Ultrasonic test in thickness in A 435/A435M, A 577/577M and A 578/A578M to promise the perfect quality in long cooperation.

A 516 Grade 65 steel grade is a advantage Gangsteel company, we exported the super thickness steel plate max 140mm in A 516 Gr.65 to Singapore in the best quality. One of our boss is the sales department manager of mill to promise the competitive price and the fastest delivery time to your projects.

About A 516 Grade 65 detail information,please check technical date in following.

ASTM A516 Grade 65|ASTM A516GR.65 Chemical composition of product analysis:

Grade C % Si % Mn % P % S %
A516 Gr 65 0.24 0.13-0.45 0.79-1.3 0.035 0.035

The mechanical properties ASTM A516 Grade 65|ASTM A516GR.65

Grade Thickness(mm) Min Yield (Mpa) Tensile(MPa) Elongation(%)
A516 Gr.65 6mm-40mm 240Mpa 450-585Mpa 23%
40mm-100mm 240Mpa 450-585Mpa 19%
The min impact energy is longitudinal energy

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ASTM A516 Grade 65|ASTM A516GR.65 steel plate