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We produce ASTM/ASME Grade 304, Grade 304L,304h, 316, 316L, 316H, 316TI, 321, 321H, 309S, 309H, 310S, 310H, 410S, 2205, 904L, 2507, 254, gh3030, 625, 253MA, S30815, 317L, Type 317, 316lN, 8020, 800, 800H, C276, S32304 and others special requirement stainless steel grade.

ams 5659

Long, gummy chips characterize this alloys machinability. It could be machined in the annealed condition, nevertheless condition H1150M will yield finest outcomes.

The alloy is additional strengthened by a low temperature heat therapy which precipitates a copper containing phase within the alloy. 15-5 PH is able to meet the stringent mechanical properties required in the aerospace and nuclear industries. Alloy 15-5 is a precipitation hardening alloy exhibiting excessive energy and hardness with reasonable corrosion resistance. Alloy 15-5 is a variant of the older 17-four and 15-5 was designed to have larger toughness than S17400, particularly within the by way of-thickness (brief transverse) path. Alloy 15-5 is utilized in purposes that require excessive transverse strength and toughness corresponding to engine elements, aircraft parts, nuclear reactor parts etc.

Martensitic, precipitative hardening (maraging), combining high strength and hardness with excellent corrosion resistance. Applications embody valve parts, fittings and fasteners, shafts, gears, chemical course of tools, paper mill tools, aircraft components and nuclear reactor components. RA330® – The workhorse of austenitic heat resistant alloys.

Width: 1000mm,1219mm,125mm0,1500mm,2000mm,or required

  • Strength can be further elevated by a single low temperature warmth treatment.
  • It has excessive power, excessive hardness, and glorious corrosion resistance.
  • 15-5 PH stainless-steel is a martensitic precipitation-hardening stainless steel with roughly 15% Chromium and 5% Nickel.

Stock Thickness: 0.1-200.0mm
Production thickness: 0.5.0-200mm
Width: 600-3900mm
Length: 1000-12000mm
200 series: 201,202
300 series: 301,304,304L,304H,309,309S,310S,316L,316Ti,321,321H,330
400 series: 409,409l,410,420J1,420J2,430,436,439,440A/B/C
Duplex: 329,2205,2507,904L,2304
Surface: No.1,1D,2D,2B,NO.4/4K/hairline,satin,6k,BA,mirror/8K

Post machining resolution therapy of components shall be required previous to ultimate hardening if machining in this condition. 316/316L Stainless Steel – Molybdenum alloyed austenitic stainless. The hottest chemical-process grade. 347 Stainless Steel is a columbium stabilized austenitic stainless helpful up to 1600°F. LDX A lean duplex stainless-steel providing glorious power, SCC resistance and financial system.

15-5 PH stainless steel is a martensitic precipitation-hardening stainless steel with approximately 15% Chromium and 5% Nickel. It has excessive power, high hardness, and excellent corrosion resistance. Strength can be further elevated by a single low temperature heat treatment. Compared to 17-four PH, it provides higher transverse toughness and ductility; higher mechanical properties in bigger cross-sections, and higher forgeability.

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188 – Cobalt base with high power and oxidation resistance to 2000°F, used for gasoline turbine combustor cans. N-50 – High strength and good corrosion resistance. Nearly 2X power of 304 & 316 with better corrosion resistance than 317L. Duplex chrome steel with excessive resistance to chloride assault.

zero.015S 14.0-15.50 3.50-4.50 2.50-four.50 zero.forty five Bal 0.50 Alloy 15-5 is a precipitation hardening alloy exhibiting high energy and hardness with moderate corrosion resistance. 310 Stainless Steel – Austenitic heat resistant grade with greater chromium and nickel for oxidation resistance beyond 2000°F. Good sulfidation and hot corrosion resistance.

We have thousands tons stock of stainless steel sheet and coil with various size and grade,mainly include austenitic stainless steel, martens stainless steel (including precipitation hardened stainless steel sheet & coil), ferritic stainless steel, and duplex stainless steel.

Characteristics of Stainless Steel Sheet and Plate:
High corrosion resistance
High strength
High toughness and impact resistance
Temperature resistance
High workability, including machining, stamping, fabricating and welding
Smooth surface finish that can be easily clean

ams 5659