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Gangsteel produced and exported AB/FQ56 Steel plate, ABS Grade FQ56 Z35 offshore drilling platform steel plate, flat bar, machined parts, cutting parts.


ABS Grade FQ56 Detail productive technology in the following:


  1. Adopt standard: ABS (American Bureau of shipping)
  2. FQ56 application fields:
    FQ56 is a super high strength quenched and tempered steel grade. It used in offshore drilling platform, Shipping marine engineering and Hull Structural project.
  3. FQ56 Chemical composition:


Grade C % max Si % max Mn % max P % max S % max
AB/FQ56 +QT 0.18 0.80 1.70 0.025 0.015
AL % min Nb % max V% max Ti % max Ni % max
0.018 0.06 0.12 0.05 2.0
Cu % max Cr % max Mo% max N% max 0% max
0.05 1.50 0.70 0.015 30


  1. FQ56 Mechanical Property:


Grade Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation Impact Energy
ABS FQ56 MPa (min) MPa % (min) 0 degree J
   550 670-835 16 55


  1. Heat Treatment: Quenched and tempered, Normalized, TMCP
  2. Tolerance: The thickness tolerance is -+0.3mm
  3. Size: Thick: 8mm-300mm, width: 1500mm-4000mm, length: 3000mm-18000mm


  1. Delivery time: 35-40days
  2. AB/EQ43 are Used for making hulls, offshore oil production drilling platforms, platform pipe joints and other structural parts, hull structures, marine machinery and main hulls, drilling rigs, pile boots, pile legs, racks, semicircular plates, etc. of marine drilling platforms and oil production platforms Manufacturing.

The AB/EQ43 manufacturer with the most complete specifications, the largest thickness (315mm), and the highest grade (E690) has good weldability, good fatigue resistance, lamellar tear resistance, and good internal quality and cold formability.


Gangsteel has much experience in super high strength hull structural steel plate, if you have any need in ABS/FQ56 steel plate; please feel free to contact us. We will give our mill competitive price on the base of faster delivery.



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