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Gangsteel supply EN10025-6 S620QL1, EN 10025-6 S620QL1,1.8987 QT high strength steel plate. We also provide the cutting service, our thickess 5mm to 180mm. S620qL1 steel plate similar material: S590Q, , S690QL, S690QL1, WQ690D, Q550D, WQ590D, WH70Q, WDB620E, WH785E S620q steel plate executive : EN10025-6, GB/T1627

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  • If not otherwise agreed, this authorization is taken into account granted when an inspection company is selected within the customer’s order.
  • In case of modification of the inspection costs proven above, the costs valid on the date of delivery will apply.
  • Where the customer specifies inspection of steel grades or inspection by one or more other inspection companies, we’ll apply for testing by the inspection corporations on the client’s behalf (or on behalf of the shopper’s customer, as the case may be).
  • The buyer should make sure that we’re licensed to commission the inspection firm selected by the client on behalf and on the expense of the client’s customer.
  • More information about each kind of resistance alloy and resistance heating alloy, corresponding to chemical composition, is available in the datasheet for the respective grade.

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Please discover our new heavy plate metal worth record hooked up to the doc. Modifications of our price record for heavy plates Dear Sirs and Madames, Please observe that the following adjustments in our heavy plate price list will come into effect on January 1st 2016. DINESH METAL INDUSTRIES is a proactive organisation engaged in supplying of quality merchandise that meet and exceed clients’ specific necessities and thus ensure complete satisfaction. gb6653 hp265 gas cylinders metal china Has been committed to the of export steel business more than 10 years. 16Mo3 Steel is a EN10028 specified stress vessel grade chrome molybdenum steel alloy is used as a weldable steel within the fabrication of commercial boilers and steel pressurised vessels discovered in the oil. For cross-border deliveries to international locations exterior the European Union , we calculate EUR 1.02 per ton for rail shipments and truck shipments as reimbursement of charges and expenses incurred when crossing the border.

S620Q, S620QL, EN 10025-6 S620QL1 steel plate heat treatment process (quenching and tempering)


1. S620 steel plate is a quenched and tempered high-strength steel plate. The series grades are S620Q, S620QL, and EN 10025-6 S620QL1. It is a low-carbon non-alloy structural steel plate of European standard EN10025-6.
Domestic Gang Iron and Steel Company can produce it.
In order to ensure its performance, this type of steel plate has a carbon content below 0.2%.
Chemical composition for EN 10025-6 S620QL1 High strength steel (Heat Analysis Max%)

Main chemical elements composition of EN 10025-6 S620QL1
































2. S620Q, S620QL, EN 10025-6 S620QL1 steel plates, where S means structural steel, and Q means that the impact temperature of the steel plate is -20°C,


Then QL means that the impact temperature of the steel plate is -50°C. Then guess what QL1 represents. QL1 means that the impact temperature of the steel plate is -60°C. 620 means that the thickness of the steel plate is £50mm. The minimum strength value is specified.


3. The steel specified in this standard can be used for the production of hot-rolled plates with steel grades S460, S500, S550, S620, S690, S890, and S960 series steel plates with a minimum nominal thickness of 3mm and a maximum nominal thickness of ≤150mm. After quenching and tempering
The specified minimum yield strength of steel is 460MPa1) to 960 MPa1)
Mechnical property for EN 10025-6 S620QL1 High strength steel:

Thickness (mm)

EN 10025-6 S620QL1

≥ 3 ≤ 50

> 50 ≤ 100

> 100

Yield strength (≥Mpa)




Tensile strength (Mpa)




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4. Steel grades and varieties


The standard specifies 7 steel grades, and they have different yield strengths under ambient temperature conditions.
When required, all supplied steel grades from the following varieties shall be specified.
The minimum value specified for impact energy when the temperature is not lower than -20°C (no mark).
When the temperature is not lower than -50℃, the specified minimum value of impact energy is represented by L.
(Except for S960) The minimum specified impact energy when the temperature is not lower than -60℃ is represented by L1.
In quenching and tempering delivery conditions (Q) and grade L: steel EN 10025-6-S460QL; or steel EN10025-6-1.8906.


5. Delivery conditions of S620Q, S620QL, EN 10025-6 S620QL1 steel plate


Quenching + tempering (Q).
Note: Quenching and then tempering directly after hot rolling is considered equivalent to conventional quenching and tempering.


6. Impact performance of S620Q, S620QL, EN 10025-6 S620QL1 steel plate


S620Q at -20℃; S620QL at -50℃; EN 10025-6 S620QL1 at -60℃

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S620QL in accordance with EN with minimum impression values right down to 40°C ( forty°F) S620QL1 according to EN with minimum impact values right down to 60°C ( 76°F) Unitedsteel Mill Supply High power steel plate, and have various inventory dimension, should you require high strength metal plate, please contact us through Email to contact us. The tables under present the chemical composition of grade S620QL1 Ladle analysis. Depending on the thickness of the product and the manufacturing circumstances, the manufacturer might add to the metal one or a number of alloying elements up to the maximum values given so as to get hold of the specified properties. The expenses listed above encompass a base cost of EUR 5 per ton, in addition to a further charge of EUR four per ton for each further steel grade for testing by lot or soften, and EUR eight per ton for testing by plate.
In general, the standard upcharge of the very best metal grade is utilized, plus costs the place relevant for further prices. Each different steel name represents one high quality. Steels with the identical name however different treatment conditions (non-annealed or annealed) should not be considered completely different grades. Lot make-up needed to fulfill standards and delivery conditions inside a single melt , or the necessary variety of pattern units per rolling plate , are included within the given high quality upcharges. The properties of our items are described in material information or by reference to materials data sheets; settlement on the properties inside the which means of § 434 I 1 BGB is supplied for in this description. No guarantee for the properties within the that means of §§ 442, 443 or 444 BGB is assumed in this respect.
EN S235J0 Steel Pipe is a sizzling rolled product. The EN specification refers to a set of European standards which cover structural steels in addition to specifying their technical delivery conditions as well. EN steel grade specification is a high yield strength structural steels in the quenched and tempered condition steel plate grade in S500QL, S500QL1, S460Q, S460QL, S460QL1, S620QL1, , S550QL, S550QL1, S500Q, S890QL1, S960Q, S960QL, S620Q, S620QL, S690Q, S690QL, S690QL1, S890Q and S890QL metal plate grade. Sell metal gradeS620Q metal plate, S620QL metal plate, S620QL1 metal plate.

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Gangsteel supply EN10025-6 S620QL1, EN 10025-6 S620QL1,1.8987 QT high strength steel plate. We also provide the cutting service, our thickess 5mm to 180mm
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Carbon Steel Plate is rolled from either continuous solid slabs or ingots to satisfy buyer and/or chemical composition necessities. This European Standard was approved by CEN on 1 April 2004. CEN members are bound to comply with the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations which stipulate the conditions for giving this European Standard the status of a national normal with none alteration. Up-to-date lists and bibliographical references regarding such national requirements could also be obtained on utility to the Central Secretariat or to any CEN member. This European Standard exists in three official variations .

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What is EN10025-6 s620ql1 equal grade and standards?
ASTM A514Gr.B A514Gr.P ASTM A514 A514M
High-strength structural board Q390C Q390D Q390E, Q420A Q420B Q420C Q420D Q420E, GB T3274-2007
Q460C Q460D Q460E, Q500C Q500D Q500E, Q550C Q550D Q550E, Q620C Q620D Q620E, Q690C Q690D Q690E GB T1591-2008
XGQ690E Q XGJX34-2008
Q460CFC Q460CFD Q460CFE, Q500CFC Q500CFD Q500CFE, Q550CFC Q550CFD Q550CFE, Q620CFC Q620CFD Q620CFE, Q690CFC Q690CFD YB T4137-2005
Foreign high-strength structural panel S355J2 (additional welding seam cold bending test requirements) EN10025-2:2004
S355N, S355NL EN10025-3:2004
S355M, S355ML, S420M ML, S460M ML EN10025-4: 2004
S460Q S460QQL S460QQL1, S500Q S500QL S500QL1, S550Q S550QL S550QL1, S620Q S620QL S620QL1 EN10025-6:2004
A572Gr.60, A572Gr.65 ASTMA572 A572M-2007
A678Gr.A A678Gr.B A678Gr.C A678Gr.D ASTMA678 A678M-2005
SM490YA SM490YB, SM520B SM520C, SM570 JIS G3106-2008

S235JR is a sort of non-alloy steel, meant for use for structural applications. This explicit metal grade ic categorised in Part 2 of the Euronorm specification EN 10025. The letter capital S in the term EN S235JR Pipe signifies a structural metal that exhibits a minimum yield strength properties of around 235 MPa. On the other hand, the letters with a designation JR confirms that the provision has been administered a Charpy V-notch impact check. At room temperature, the worth of the influence exams of the EN S235J2 Material stands at 27 joules. Strength [] Yield strengtYield power is the most common property that the designer will want as it’s the foundation used for most of the rules given in design codes.In European Standards for structural carbon steels , the first designation relates to the yield energy, e.g. S355 steel is a structural steel with a specified minimal yield strength of 355 N/mm².S620QL1 Steel – Special SteelSteel mould and Steel mould suppliers, global delivery, stock supply Steel mould steels.
1.8987 EN 10025-6 S620QL1 steel ar plate
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Names are listed solely for reference to assist identify products according to listed specifications. For any sales throughout the Federal Republic of Germany, we cost the turnover tax at its at present valid rate, in addition to the purchase value. We are entitled to refuse to load any vehicles we consider not fitted to secure transportation of the products or people who lack satisfactory equipment to guard the load.

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Nbn 1 8916 Nbn En 10025

For the definition of the place of shipment see paragraph 6 under. The regulation of the Federal Republic of Germany is exclusively applicable for all lawsuits between the Buyer and us. The turnover tax regulations of the 6 EC Directive within the model in pressure on the time are valid for invoicing deliveries from one EU member state to another, except, in accordance with the 6th EC Directive, nationwide law prescribes a different regulation. Insofar as we are to cost turnover tax, the purchaser shall pay the respective turnover tax in addition to the agreed buy worth. Where customary, we shall ship the merchandise packed and protected in opposition to rust; costs shall be charged to the Buyer.

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Professional ordering of Xinyu Steel Plant’s or other first class factory of medium and heavy plates, container plates, ship plates, bridge plates, high-rise plates, pipeline steel, general plates, low alloy plates, wear-resistant plates, etc
Alloy structural plate 12Cr1MoV, 15CrMo Q XGJX42, 49-2009
Pipeline steel plate API 5L B PSL2 API 5L X42 PSL2 API 5L X46 PSL2 API 5L X52 PSL2 API 5L X56 PSL2 API 5L X60 PSL2 API 5L X65 PSL2 API 5L X70 PSL2 API SPEC 5L-2007
X42 X46 X52 X56 X60 X65 X70
X42R X42M X46M X52M X56M X60M X65M X70M -PSL2
L290 L320 L360 L390 L450 L485 GB T21237-2007

1.8987 EN 10025-6 S620QL1 steel ar plate
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