Shipbuilding steel

Henan Gang Iron and Steel co., ltd supply Shipbuilding steel plate in two items, one is ordinary strength, grade A, B, D, E and the others is higher strength, grade AH36, AH32, AH40, DH36, DH32, DH40 and FH32, FH36, FH40.


   Gangsteel hot rolled ship steel plates have through nine classification society, DNV, ABS, LR, BV, GL, NK,KR, RIAN and CCS. Besides plates, our company also supplies angle steel, bulb steel and flat steel profile for shipbuilding Project.


   Gangsteel could promise we will use our best quality, the fastest delivery time and the best service to expansion our oversea steel market in two years.


  Gangsteel  have cooperated with Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam large shipyard and oil platform in steel plates and steel profiles. Just their large ship yard manager friend’s relations which has established our company sound reputation in oversea steel market.


  If customers requirement, we also could supply the service of steel plates pretreatment, cutting in firmed drawing and bend pipe from steel plate.


Our ship steel grade:

AB/A, AB/B, AB/D, AB/E, AB/AH32, AB/DH32, AB/EH32, AB/FH32, AB/AH36, AB/DH36, AB/EH36, AB/FH36

BV/A, BV/B, BV/D, BV/E, BV/AH32, BV/DH32, BV/EH32, BV/FH32, BV/AH36, , BV/DH36, BV/EH36, BV/FH36

LR/A, LR/B, LR/D, LR/E,LR/AH32, LR/DH32, LR/EH32, LR/FH32, LR/AH36, , LR/DH36, LR/EH36, LR/FH36

NV A, NV B, NV D, NV E, NV A32, NV D32, NV E32, NV F32, NV A36, NV D36, NV E36, NV F36

GL-A, GL-B, GL-D, GL-E, GL-A32, GL-D32, GL-E32, GL-F32, GL-A36, GL-D36, GL-E36, GL-F36

CCS/A, CCS/B, CCS/D, CCS/E, CCS/A32, CCS/D32, CCS/E32, CCS/F32, CCS/A36, CCS/D36, CCS/E36, CCS/F36

RI/A, RI/B, RI/D, RI/E, RI/A32, RI/D32, RI/E32, RI/F32, RI/A36, RI/D36, RI/E36, RI/F36

R A, R B, R D, R E, R A32, R D32, R E32, R F32, R A36, R D36, R E36, R F36

K A, K B, K D, K E, K A32, K D32, K E32, K F32, KA36, K D36, K E36, K F36


  Gangsteel also has many stock list in shipbuilding steel plate, if you need please click our stock list in ship plates.

If any need in above steel grade, please feel free to contact us soon, we will give our official quotation in competitive price as earlier as we can.

 Gangsteel predominance is that we could supply super thick steel plate in Shipbuilding directly from our mill in competitive price and the fastest delivery time. For example, BV EH36 in thickness of 160mm, DNV FH32 in thickness of 110mm, and GL A in thickness of 170mm. All of them we could supply to our customers.


 If you have any inquiry in Steel Plate for Shipbuilding, please fee free to contact us as soon as possible by email or by calling.